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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Since chldhood, I am much inspired by my father. I lost him long time back.He had strong faith in Shiva and His different manifestations.Early morning he used to meditate for two hours. I remmember he used to chant a bhajan in which there was reference to Khwaza Khizr. The death of my father brought a big transformation in me, i used to dream of my father guiding me the path I had to follow. I have always worked on my intutions dreams, visions since childhood.I found myself very close to supernatural powers. They guided me, protected me, forewarned me.The superconsciousness united me with paranormal forces.Many times I dreamt of a saintly figure in green weil standing on a fish.Deep inside I felt he is the Khwaza Khizr about whom I heard from my father. While I browsed the internet, I found the same figure as Khwaza Khizr.
The Green Man , you are welcome in my life, I am passionate about you and express my gratitude for you to shower grace on me.

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    I want to discuss the very important aspect that is going to happen in this world. Perhaps this year itself. The whole world will witness hazardous monetary meltdown and that will lead the world towards the VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM. But the vast majority humanity will exhaustion.

    My dear friend, only the death of money could become the beginning of character. This eternal law will be revealed to all those people who witnessed clairvoyant wonders of the universe.