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Friday, July 29, 2011

"KINGDOM OF GOD by Gauri ma" - Introductory


To reach the perfection of human life you do not need to wait for many more births to get enlightened. In this birth only, you can attain perfection in a short time by the practice of 'Mahayoga - The Raj Yoga' Mahayoga is one of the grandest science in the whole Universe. The goal of Mahayoga teachings is, how to concentrate the mind and discover the innermost recesses of your mind, then how to generalize their contents and form your own conclusions from them. In Mahayoga, you learn to discover and manipulate the internal forces and get control over them. Besides, you learn the innermost secrets of your body and mind-how the sensations travel from the external world to the internal mind, how the mind- receives them and send them to the determinative faculty, from there how they reach the soul and how the Supreme Soul witnesses and sanctions them with in. You learn in meditation these fine stake of perception and directly experience the different mental states of sleep, dream, waking and trance. Through self realization, you recognize your pure consciousness and come in direct relation with the Supreme soul. Your pure consciousness is the Eternal Abode of the Supreme which is also called the Kingdom of God. When you are successful in reaching there, all your pains wiil cease, material lust will vanquish and you will reside in permanent Bliss.
Mahayoga is divided into eight steps:
1. Yama - Not killing, truthfulness, not stealing, continence, non- receiving of gifts.
2. Niyama -Cleanliness, contentmen, austerity, study, self surrender to God.
3. Asana - The easy and erect posture.
4. Pranayama - Control of prana

In pranayama, you have to throw away the superfluous prana and supply prana to the dirferent parts of your body where that is necded. This practice intensifies the power of assimilation and help you to accumulate the scattered energies in the body. Through pranayama you awaken the infinite energy witlun you by sending the nerve-currents down the Spinal Column. There are seven main centres of infinite energy in a Man:
The lowest one 'Muladhara' is at the lower end of spinal cord and the highest is Sahasrara on the top of head. All energy has to be taken up from its seat in the the Muladhara and brought to Sahasrara where the Ojas or Tej is stored up in the brain.Yogi  controls his energies and converts them into inner force and through that inner force, reaches the highest infinite energy in him.

5. Pratyahara- Restraint of the senses from their objects and checking the outgoing powers of the mind.
6. Dharna- Fixing the mind on one object. or on one part.

In Dharna you have to hold the mind to certain points mentioned in pranayama.You have to force the mind to feel certain parts of the body and exclude others.

7. Dhyana- Meditation

Meditation is the method by which you attain the true knowledge by the understanding of your innermost secrets. The mind is an instrument in the hands of the soul, through which the soul catches the external objects. The mind constantly changes and vacillates. When the mind is attached to one object and it wavers no more, the power of the mind is concentrated and turned back upon itself. You become self conscious in meditation and elevate yourself from material plane. No longer, you remain a split personality now. You become a proper humane.

8. Samadhi- Super consciousness.

In trance, you reach beyond body, mind and soul and get enlightened. The potential God becomes manifest in you. You are no more in the bars of man or woman, you are only a divine self. You reach the kingdom of God. You become universal, one with the existence. Early mornings and early evenings are best suitable for Mahayoga practice because nature remain calm in those periods. Techniques of Mahayoga have been much simplified in the book for your interest and convenience.Keeping sexual restraint, obstention from drugs and alcohol and purity of body and mind would promise you definite success in achieving the 'Super Consciousness' state. No faith or belief is necessary in Mahayoga. The facts of your awakened state in meditation require no dreams and imaginings to prove them true. Truth requires no prop to make it stand. Throw away all doubts and fears and have strong faith m your own self. Learn Mahayoga in the company of 'Sadguru" and illumine yourself.

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