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Saturday, June 30, 2012



Macbook Pro

All growth produces problems
Change requires reconstruction

The laptop provoked my curiosity 
How similar is Software to mind
It too is programmed with Errors
Flaws and faulty opinions
Similarly needs to be amended
Updated and revised
More difficult is the task
But not Impossible
Continuous efforts, Right attitudes
Revitalizing thought patterns
And dropping the Inner Conflicts
Rectification required for Reconstruction

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mathematical Error

Mathematical Error

You know
Two plus Two is four
You desire
It to be five
Your dreams
Push you to unreal
I have heard
Experience makes man wise
But I have found him say
Worldly experience makes him bitter
Unfulfilled dreams and desires
Offshoot in frustrations
Two plus two does not become five
How true !
Empty handed we are born
Empty handed we die
But our hands are full until we remain
Full of illusions, full of dreams
The whole effort the hands do
To find wealth and power, name and fame
The paradox is 
Empty becomes fulfilled
Fulfilled becomes empty
Two plus two does not make five
It remains always four.
We are gifted with plus
this reality is revealed.


Hello viewers

The Lord says to those who are constantly devoted and worship me with love, I give the understanding by which they come to me.

The man's activity is the manifestation of his will and attitude which largely depend upon his birth, nature and position in life.Everyone according to his quality and status, has particular type of work to discharge. Though man's soul is free but it becomes conditioned in human body, being entrapped in material existence. To fulfill the desires and aspirations it becomes little difficult to maintain one's body and soul together by some work. Whatever good or evil man does, has a reaction and that reaction binds the performer.Therefore one has to perform his activities not only for sense-gratification but also for the satisfaction of the soul. Everyone knows that the body is changing from childhood to boyhood, from boyhood to youth and from youth to old age until it dies. In a material consciousness man is convinced by a false ego that he is the doer of everything. He forgets that the mechanism of the body is produced by material nature which works under the supervision of the Supreme Lord.In his ignorance of false ego he takes all credit for doing everything independently. Bewildered by the false ego he forgets his eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord. Man has to act in a manner that his soul remains free from all material involvements. Love for material enjoyments gradually changes into lust, unsatisfied lust turns to wrath and wrath is changed into illusion and illusion continues the material existence.One must remember that he himself is responsible for what he is, none else. His present status has been the result of his past actions and his present desires and actions will produce his future. To reap the fruits of his activities he takes many births. The cycle of birth and death continues and man gets different environments to accomplish his unfulfilled tasks and desires. The environment, he is in this birth has been longed by himself only or created by his past actions. In ignorance man fails to understand what is action and what is inaction? It is to be always kept in mind that all work and tasks must be in some relation with the soul so that his activities gradually elevates himself  to spiritual growth, One who becomes enlightened by true mode of activities, he approaches the Supreme Lord in different capacities as the distress being in want of money, as the inquisitive- in search of knowledge. If one acts in awareness to satisfy the Lord by his activities, he revives his divine consciousness. By virtue of the divine consciousness he creates and seeks favorable condition for executing his tasks.

One who does not neglect his duty towards different responsibilities in life, and surrenders the fruits of his activities at the feet of the Supreme Lord, never falls down from his constitutional position. He finds his happiness is within in his pure thoughts, in his aloofness from passionate material attachments, in his pure incompetent self. This knowledge helps him to settle down in his real self position. In such a state he can directly get the instructions from the lord for his activities. In the whole experience of self realization the ultimate truth should be remembered that the perfection of knowledge is that AATMA or SOUL is particle of the PARAMATMA - The Super Soul. AATMA is an individual soul  and PARAMATMA is the properiter and controller of all individual souls.SOUL is the material bondage of the body but the SUPER SOUL is free from all material bondages. He is all pervading in transcendental form. His powers are infinite and he is always eager to connect to an individual soul with his spiritual infintie energy. Get fulfilled by connecting with Him.Get charged up by plugging onto him.