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Friday, July 29, 2011

"KINGDOM OF GOD by Gauri ma" - The Performer

Human body is the field of activity for the
conditioned soul. The conditioned soul is entrapped in
the material existence and he attempts to dominate the
material nature. To fulfill the past desires and aspirations,
man gets a field of activity. That field of activity is his
body. The conditioned soul wants to enjoy the senses.
The man's activity is the manifestation of his will and
attitude. His will and attitude depend on his nature and
largely upon birth and position in life and society. Every
one according to his quality and position, has particular
type of work to discharge. One has to maintain one's
body and soul together by some work. Whatever good
or evil man does, has a reaction and that reaction binds
the performer. Therefore one has to work in higher
consciousness knowing that the body is changing from
childhood to boyhood, from boyhood to youth and from
youth to old age until it dies. Therefore one has to
perform his activities not only for sense-gratification but
also for the satisfaction of the soul. The activities
performed for the sake of duties without expecting the
fruits, liberate a man from passionate bondage. In a
material consciousness, the person is convinced by a
false ego that he is the doer of everything. He forgets
thal the mechanism of the body is produced by material
nature which works under the supervision of the Supreme
Lord. He forgets that he is under the control of Supreme
Lord. In his false ego, he takes all credit for doing
everything independently. Bewildered by the false ego
he forgets his eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord.
One who comes out of his ignorance by attaining correct
knowledge realizes that he is somehow or the other
entrapped in the material conception of life. A true
knower of the truth, therefore engages himself in the
pure activities. He does not get attached with his kins
and other bodily connections. One who is spiritually
enlightened, prosecute his pure activities silently without
anykind of argumentation. One should have firm faith
in the true knowledge.
Only knowledge is not sufficient for man's liberation.
One has to act in a manner that his soul gets liberated
from all material involvements. Love for material
enjoyments gradually changes into lust and unsatisfied
lust turns to wrath and wrath is changed into Illusion
and illusion continues the material existence. Man is
mad after sense enjoyments and do not know that this
present body which is full of miseries is result of his
fruititive activities of the past. Although, this body is
temporary, it is an instrument to eam good karmas. Good
karmas always get reward and bad karmas always result
in punishment. Miseries and pains in life sometimes
result in the form of renunciation in a man. Man does
not have to renounce the work. If he renounces work,
he has to live at the cost of others. What will happen
to his bodily needs? How will he renounce them? He
will feel hungry, his basic needs will not disappear. And
when one knows that everything in this material existence
belongs to the Supreme, then where is the question of
rcnunciation? Since everything belongs to the seed giving
father The Supreme Soul 'Paramatma', everything should
be employed in the service of Lord. One who does not
hate nor desires the fruits of his activity is known to
be renounced. Such a person is free from all dualities
and overcomes material bondage. Being part and parcel
of the Supreme Lord, his actions must be in some
relation with the Supreme. Merely renouncing all activities
cannot make one self happy. One should perform his
without being attached to it. Who surrenders the
fruits of his work unto the Supreme Lord, is always
unaffected by sinful actions as the Lotus leaf is untouched
by water. If one wants to make steady progress on the
path of self realization, he must try to control the forces
of the material senses. There is an opportunity for
everyman to uplift himself from sense enjoyments to
spiritual enlightenment. One can fully avail this
opportunity by controlling his desires and material
contamination before he gives up this body. When a
man becomes enlightened by pious activities, he
approaches the Supreme Lord in different capacities as
the distress being in want of money, as the inquisitive
in search of knowledge. One who approaches Lord in
search of knowledge is no doubt, a greater devotee. As
the Lord knows every thing about man's activities, He
fulfills the wishes as desired by the man. But a man
should always approach the Lord for spiritual
advancement. One who acts in supreme consciousness
and awareness to satisfy the Lord by his activities
gradually elevates himself to transcendental service of
the Lord. A true devotee after death, takes his birth in
a family of learned yogis who are great in Wisdom. On
taking such a birth, he revives the divine consciousness
of his previous life. He again tries to make further
progress in order to achieve complete success. By virtue
of the divine consciousness of his previous life, he
automatically becomes attracted to the transcendental
service to the Supreme Lord even without seeking them.
A person born in a particularly righteous, aristocratic or
sacred family becomes conscious of his favorable
condition for executing devotional and transcendental
service to the Lord with determination. Therefore he
begins his unfinished task of last birth. he cleanse himself
completely of all material contamination and impurities
and attains the supreme perfection. If one wants to
advance in the path of spiritual growth, he must try to
control the forces of the material senses. One who
succeeds in giving up all impurities is called liberated,
self-realized and happy in this Universe. One who feels
that he does not have to render service and does not
neglect his duty towards different responsibilities in life
and surrenders the fruits of his activities at the feet of
the Lord, never falls down from his constitutional position.
He finds his happiness is within, in his pure thoughts,
in his aloofness from all relations, in his pure incompetent
self. He rejoices within. He is liberated from all
seriousness of life. When one becomes situated in his
own real self position, he directly gets the instructions
from the Lord for his activities and his activities are
transformed into a devotional service to the Supreme

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