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Monday, April 16, 2012

Art Of Self Transformation

Art Of Self Transformation

Hello USA , 
Thanks for your love and sharing with me through my blog. :)

We are passing through the time of Spiritual evolution. The Supreme power is gazing at us for spiritual transformation. Human survival is threatened on Earth due to division, violence and natural calamities.
The basic source of human suffering and violence on Earth is ignorance and egocentric nature always in competition to prove superior. When someone is self obsessed it relates to his identification with his own body, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and concepts, In average natural state of consciousness, one is conscious of values and norms of family, society and country. The fanatical dogma of religion gets often defended in the name of God. Everyone recognizes God as one but Religions divide His creations on the name of race, culture , gender and age. Moreover Religion relates to external authority, rituals, devotional practice of divine codes.

I believe that one's own temperament, experience, circumstances play a definite role in his self development.  When one wants to seek release from inner pain and confusion, he determines to start his spiritual journey. Spirituality is about inner reality , inner state of being. It is a self learning and realizing Divine presence within. It is not Art of Living - it is Art of Self Transformation. Human being is so fortunate to have been endowed with capability to self perfect himself and discover the riches of Godliness within.

I mention it strongly that Spiritual journey is not for weak, fickle minded. impatient - the one who demands quick results. The qualities of firmness, faith and devotion are solely required to follow the Spiritual path. The correct guidance keeps one away from errors and wasteful efforts. May all obstacles be removed from your spiritual path!

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