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Friday, July 29, 2011

"THE KINGDOM OF GOD" by Gauri Ma - Going to trance

 I am drowned
in the ocean
The depth has made me voiceless
I try hard to speak
how soothing is the cold water

Human mind works on two planes:
The conscious planc and unconscious plane. In the conscious plane,
all the work is aocompanied with the feeling of egoism. In an
unconscious plane, the work is accompanied with no
feeling at all. Unconscious work is called instinct.
Unconscious work is beneath consciousness, so thcre is
another work which is above consciousness and which
also is not accompanied with the feeling of egoism. So
there is still higher plane upon which the mind can
work. It can go beyond consciousness. The feeling of
egoism is only on the middle plane. When the mind
works without the feeling of 'I' ,it goes beyond self
consciousness, it is called superconsciousness or state of
trance or Samadhi. In a sleep, man enters a plane beneath
consciousness. He works the body all the time, he
breathes, he moves the body wilhout the feeling of ego.
He is unconscious and when he returns from sleep, he
is the same man who went to an unconscious state. The
knowledge he had before going into sleep remains the
same. It does not increase at all. No enlightenment comes
to the man in sleep. But a man who goes into trance
or Samadhi, comes out enlightened. This state of trance
is higher than the conscious or unconscious state. That
is why this statc is callcd a 'Supcrconscious state' &
this state exists beyond rcason. When the mind gets to
that higher state.the metaphysical and transcendental
knowledge comes to that man. Sometimes,it is seen
that,when a man reaches this state without understanding
its science,he becomes puzzled. The inspirations and
intuitions he gets in that metaphysical state of 'Samadhi',
he interprets them coming from outside. In many cases,
there is the danger of the brain being deranged and man
goes into superstitions of various kinds. He opens himself
to hallucinations. Without knowing its science, man is not
advised to go into trance. A man should not go into it
abruptly out of shear curiousity. He must take up the
study of superconscious state, sincerely and practise it
scientifically. He should progress step by step gradually,
casting off all superstitions, illusions and fanaticism by
the help of experienced Guru. One should learn that
there are three states- Instinct is from unconscious
state, Reason is from conscious, and Inspiration is from
superconscious state and they belong to one and the
same mind. There are no three minds in one man but
one state of it develops into the others. Instinct develops
into reason, and reason into the transcendental
consciousness. Real inspiration and intuition never
contradict reason, but fulfil it. Inspiration always comes
to fulfil reason and is in harmony with it.
This inspiration is in everymans nature. One has to gain the
superconscious state by regular practice. Experience
yourself. Experience is thc greatest teacher in man's life.
You keep on talking about religion and reading books
but do not understand the trulh. You must have actual
experience in self realization. This meditative state is
the highest state of existence. One who attains to this
contemplative state, life becomes joyful and he comes
under the direction of the Supersoul. It is through the
medium of meditation by which one can connect himself
to the Supersouls instructions. One can start his
meditation with gross objects and slowly rise to finer
and finer until it becomes objectless. Dif'ferent sensations
and realization comes to the man who meditates regularly.
One must always be aware that the material realizations
and mental powers are not the goal of Mahayoga. If he
only yields to the temptation of any one of these, his
advancement in spiritual growth will stop. Man has to
drop all the waves in the ocean of the mind. Only then
the glory of the mind will shine in full effulgence
undisturbed by the distractions of the mind or motions
of the body. The one who has attained the super conscious
state by faithful practice, reaches the Kingdom of God.

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