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Sunday, April 15, 2012


                                     KUNDALINI POWER

Universe is made up of two basic things- Matter and Life Energy. Matter acts as a vehicle of life energy. What differentiates other live creatures from human form is that humans are bestowed with higher consciousness. This can be percieved by Kundalini Power which lies dormant in individual bodies in form of Kinetic Energy. By virtue of Pure Emotions, Right Knowledge and Spiritual Discipline, The Kinetic Energy activates to higher consciousness. One requires a Spiritual Attitude to awaken The Kundalini Power. By Yogic Techniques, Correct Posture, Devotion, Meditation and Mantra Chanting etc., one is capable of activating his latent energy to get linked up with his own nervous system. The foremost victory one has to attain in the process of awakening his own power- is the mastery over fluctuations of the mind and withdrawal from indulgence in the material world. The force generated by the fusion of Kundalini Power and different Psychic Centres creates great illumination and destroys the ignorance of mind. The whole concept of looking at things changes and the truth becomes visible in that state of Enlightenment.
The Kundalini Power personifies in form of Goddess Durga when awakened Kundalini moves with great force and cross all the Psychic Centres in one leap. The Energy comes like a fiery storm and acsends to a highest centre in the Head where Mind and Kundalini Power unite bestowing The Divine Wisdom on Yogi. One who reaches to that point becomes Immortal in this physical body. One obtains victory over worldly desires and enjoys Eternal Bliss and Divinity in that superconscious state. This is exactly we inherit from the Supreme God by being our own real self called Sat-chit-ananda (Truth- Knowledge- Bliss). 
                                             Jai Mata Di.

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  1. really very nice, you have described all regarding goddess durga, am a devotee of her as I daily chant durga mantra in favor of maa durga.