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Thursday, July 28, 2011


On Shiv Ratri
At midnight
Witnessed a turmoil
In the Sea
Reminiscent of 1990
The burning sea
A Scene changed
Saw a blue light
Shining bright
All of a sudden
A dynamite blast
After a while
A white tunnel
Through the mountains
The tunnel enlightened
Bluish silver white
Went through the tunnel
Saw my "Neeelkanth Shiva"
On a Rock
Seated on the lion Skin
With half closed eyes
And triumphant smile
He called me nearby
I asked about
The Place
The Shiva said
Do you know
You have reached
The island of peace
In the Sea of chaos
Watch this Cosmic light
This is infinite
I saw the light
It fulfilled me with strength
To rebuild a new life
I realized in my vision
As if the blast
burnt away all the limits
To unite me with
Limitless, Infinite.

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