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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get in tuned to the Supreme arrangement

Your inner core inherits the divine tendencies from The Supreme Force whom you call by different names.Your spirit is blessed with true wisdom and bliss. To believe in God and worship him is nothing but to explore your own highest potential of the self.Many a times you start the spritual journey but in midway stop.There are many reasons, one being when your good deeds do not bring any fruitful results. Don't give it up. All good you have done has gone in fixed deposit of your destiny and would get matured at proper time. Do you know?..Your past debts are cleared out of that by Supreme arrangement, the rest is bestowed on you with interest.If debts are more and deposit is less you have to strive more.If you are rewarded with little efforts, it means there are no past debts. Don't stop!.. keep on depositing in your own destiny account. Believe in me, whatever good or bad you do, gets registered in your destiny. Logic can not prove the truth because truth is beyond logic...