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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Feel Good :)

The 'Be happy' attitude comes out of positive thinking and faith. How the positive approach turns someone into enthusiastic and encouraging person is miraculous. what is that which differentiates an enthusiastic person from a distressed human being? Doctors are of the opinion that it is largely a matter of glands. Some people have energetic genes, responsible for rushing the adrenaline into the blood. Do you know what causes the gland to activate the adrenaline and secrete energy producing chemicals? The answer is - positive thinking. It stimulates the glands to release, recreate and recycle the energy supply. When you live in negative emotions and remain stressed up - your energy gets drained. A negative approach produces a lonely person who gradually looses emotional and mental support. He nourishes a kind of cynicism within him and becomes a perceptive critic. His immediate reaction to any positive emotion is a negative objection. Cynicism also brings arrogance in nature possessed of superiority complex. The personal ego blocks healthy and constructive approach towards life. 
Positive thinking makes you tremendously enthusiastic and encouraging. Now you are not consuming nor draining your energy. You are recreating and recycling energy. The ultimate truth is that God has entered your spirit with all his divinity, wisdom and ecstasy. Believing in that faith, you are a blessed person whose life is controlled positively by God. Not only that, He is always holding your finger walking along with you. You hold the support tight and step forward with His help and contribution. God has shaped you, carved you so well that he wants you to breakthrough self imposed limitations and pessimism because that is not your true nature. 
 Even then if you feel hopeless, you open your arms to good positive people. Seek people who believe in humanity, who believe in you and who are committed in relationships. Believe in them and rest assured you are safe, gifted and blessed.
There are people who are creative, intuitive, stable and calm. Trust them, accept their wisdom and advice and be optimistic. Feel the difference. Evolution is in the process and you walk from aloneness to togetherness in search of  happiness.

( Dedicated to Vishu mom, California )