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Friday, January 13, 2012


Hello dear viewers (specially Ukraine) !

I find myself quite positive in connecting with you through my blog. Earth is undivided. It is divided only on the political maps.

Energy does not stop, It moves from one corner to another corner. Your running away from circumstances does not in fact change anything. You can only pretend to renounce or become a saint.Your inner self , your desires, your passions, your responsibilities , your problems do not change. You remain the same miserable person inside under the mask of painted smile and calmness.

When you make desperate efforts to give up passions , your energy starts moving towards frustration. When you think of giving up desires your greed seeks other alternatives. Unless your innermost changes, you remain the same person.Once you simply become aware of the fact that you require certain basic things in this world to survive, you can not afford to avoid them. So the wise never thinks of giving up. He thinks of  restrain and harmony - These two words are simplest way of practicing self discipline. Too much or too little, or Not at all are not the solutions to any frustrations or depressions. Firstly, You have to start all together again to train yourself to bring harmony in your body system by connecting your mind with your higher self which is called Soul. Secondly , you have to deeply understand your ego and its projections because that is the main cause of perturbed mind. You have to restrain your unlimited desires and fulfill certain desires within your means, without being ambiguous to anyone else.Thirdly, above all, by respecting God's arrangement in creating your relationships. Your blood relationships are granted to you by God according to your past wishes. God wants you to execute your duties towards them. Whether you love them or not, like them or not you have to abide by  natural laws because you are left with no choice.You can make love relationships but you are not given a free desire to choose or change your blood relationships. So do not renounce your duties towards them even if they do not emotionally  reciprocate. By doing so, you will be liberating your self from great bondage and thus absolve.
I wish you all enlightened future. 

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