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Friday, March 8, 2013


Hello Viewers throughout the World
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The God exists in reality but He is so expert at hide and seek that it becomes difficult to find Him. There is a parable: 

When God created the World, He lived on this Earth. There were great problems for Him. Day night He was busy in solving people's problems. People would knock His doors at odd hours. There were so many suggestions to improve upon the world. It seemed nothing was moving right. If God listened to one man's advice, thousands turned against him. God had almost gone insane answering people - Who? How? When? got responsible for his own destiny. Most of the time people did not accept His theory, because they felt they all very much deserved to enjoy good fortunes. God was fed up clarifying. He asked His councillors, " What to do ?, Where should I hide Myself? ". Someone suggested, "Why don't you go to Mt. Everest ? You make Your abode there, nobody will come." God said, " You don't know the future, your centuries are my minutes. As soon as the Hillary reaches me, others will follow and same trouble will start." The other person suggested, "Why don't you go to the Moon?". "Soon the man will be walking on the moon. The problem will not get solved there too ",  God said. There was one old wise man. He went close to God and told something in his ear. God was very happy. He said, " It seems to be perfect solution". The old man had suggested, "You hide in man himself, there he will never find you. They will search you out and get frustrated. By the time they come to know that you are residing within themselves, they would have been transformed. Even if they find you within, they will never create any trouble nor will they complaint. When they encounter with you within themselves You will transmit Your divine tendencies into them."

    The God exists in reality and you are the authentic reality in this world. You have to understand you are the other half of God - You can not survive minus Him. And He can not manifest minus you. You both compliment and fulfill each other.When you follow him you come in deep accordance with reality. Your consciousness shifts from material to your own soul and you are face to face with your own being. Here you feel things happen on their own accord, you have not forced them to happen. When you are far away you are in search. When He appears before you, you escape. Why ? Because you are frightened, you are confused whether you would be able to pay the price or earn Him at the stake of your ego, you fantasies, maybe your individuality!

You need not bother because when you meet Him - He will shower so much on you, you had never dreamt of. You will be really impressed !