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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Supreme Tasks

Five energies of Supreme Godhead are activating in the universe. They are also called PANCH KRITYAS
 of God.
(1.) Creation (सृष्टि ), (2.) Preservation (स्थिति), (3.) Dissolution ( संघार)
These three energies are active on the physical and material plane resulting in material evolution.
(4.) Obscuring Grace (तिरोभाव), (5.) Revealing Grace (अनुग्रह)
These two energies are active on the spiritual plane affecting intellect and soul, resulting in spiritual evolution.
Material manifestation is like a tree standing on the ground of material nature. There are two kind of fruits on this tree, 1. Happiness and 2. Distress. Two birds are living on this tree 1. Physical mind , 2. Spiritual soul. Physical mind enjoys the fruits of happiness and also suffers the distress. The other bird soul, simply witnesses the mind bird. This bird is self satisfied and is not interested in the fruits of the tree. The roots of the tree extend in three directions- The three modes of material nature 1. Goodness, 2. Passion, 3. Ignorance. The taste of fruits are of four kinds. Man's purpose to take birth in this world is to fulfill four tasks. Those four tasks are 1. Religiosity, 2. Economic development, 3. Sense gratification, 4. Salvation. In this process of material evolution man experiences calamities, sufferings, hardships, ailments, death. He also experiences happiness, love, enjoyments, comforts. There comes certain moments in man's life when he discovers happiness is short lived, youth is not permanent, money can not buy peace, death is taking away loved ones. He wants to understand the true nature of relationships and cause of different challenges he meets in his life. Due to different kinds of experiences man starts developing detachment. He wants to come out of this worldliness. So far God has denied him of spiritual realities because the veil of  ignorance limits man's ability to access certain levels of knowledge before he is completely ready from inside to accept them.

   There comes a time in man's life when he gets mature enough to learn about the truths, he raises his arms and requests the Supreme unseen Force to come for his elevation and liberate him from all bondage. At that time, in a natural course of action God's power revealing grace comes to him. God comes out of disguise, reveals himself and fulfills his request. This is called Tirobhava (तिरोभाव, Obscuring Grace) . At the right time one gets matured enough to realise the truth of life. It is much alike that when the fruit ripens, it abandons the  tree automatically and spontaneously. When the true knowledge ripens in man's intellect the knot opens and illusion drops down.

   Now comes the stage of being worthy of God's grace, which is called Anugraha (अनुग्रह, Revealing Grace). Through following spiritual discipline and acting in right direction, man starts living a virtuous life for the spiritual growth of the soul. As man identifies himself with his pure soul and makes continuous effort to remain connected with it, attains his innate divinity. Through right kind of actions, the soul learn from experience about living in accordance with God's arrangement. The power of revealing grace embodies God's limitless kindness and mercy to lift the veils of worldly and selfish ignorance that covers the pure soul. Through Anugraha God grant boons, answer prayers, shower blessings. The spiritual connection with God through soul, gives him solutions, inspiration, intuitions, insight into future and spiritual revelations.As they directly come from God, they are always right. In due course of time man's faith becomes stronger and he becomes confident of rightness. When a man experiences God's grace, his prayers are answered. God plays hide and seek. Be deserving, be worthy and He is there to take you into his arms.

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