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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cheer up!

I invite you all whoever is receptive to the flow of my positive energy.Have you ever analysed who and what create distortions in your energy level. The answer is your own attitude towards different aspects of life. The stress, repetitive emotions, guilts create certain blockage and the flow of your energy becomes stagnant.Your aura becomes rigid, monotonous and aggressive. You feel a certain weight on your heart blocking your mind veins.This clutter must be released. Break through all the barriers you have built around you. Just awaken to your own self. Sit down, relax and spend some time in your own company. Stop thinking about others actions because we have all done those things for which we condemn others.Be optimistic, be positive, be cool to yourself.Sometimes you suffer from guilt you have nourished from your terrible mistakes. Many times also from the feeling that you have not been able to execute your prescribed duties towards others for different reasons.Do not be angry, forgive yourself.In fact express your gratitude towards whom you owe. Remember where money does not come for your rescue your physical and emotional support can compensate to others. People whom you owe can be benefited with your concern and emotions. Secondly, you can always compensate by praying for their wellness, prosperity and success.This is a very good medium to payoff others.Your positive attitude will always bring lightness in you and positivity to your surroundings.Spend time with those who fill you with positive vibes and say bye to them with a doom and gloom attitude.

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