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Monday, August 8, 2011


To bring the harmony in your life you have to accept God’s arrangement. According to the law of karma, your good deeds are rewarded to make you fortunate enough to enjoy the material happiness. Every particular person has duties in life regardless of country, position, society and culture. If you give up your prescribed duties out of laziness, ego, resentment, you do not earn yourself any benefit. Not only you suffer, but remain deprived of enjoying worldly comforts. According to past birth karmas, you take birth in certain circumstances to live your destiny by virtue of your deeds, conduct, attractions of previous life. Your destiny is framed only by you. All you think, feel and enact get registered in your soul as impressions to return back.

You may have million billion dollars in your bank, when the body expires, nothing goes alongwith. All the prize possessions, wealth remain in this world to be enjoyed by near and dear ones. But this not true to the spiritual advancement made by you. Whatever you enact on the spiritual front, the essence go with the soul to your next life. There you are provided with suitable and favourable circumstances to revive the divine consciousness of past life to cultivate spirituality. So that you can make further progress to achieve complete success.

God is a silent observer watching you all the time. Your own soul is sincerely, truly, honestly keeping the record of your experiences, behaviour, actions and reactions. The little particle of God in the form of soul within you is always awakened. God has not imposed anything on you. You are born with your own wish and given a field to perform. Don’t blame Him, I again repeat – He is a darling. See, if you remember him, He gives you rememberance, If you want to forget him, He allows you to forget. If you reject Him – you face the denial yourself. As you wish. Choice is yours.

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