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Saturday, June 30, 2012



Macbook Pro

All growth produces problems
Change requires reconstruction

The laptop provoked my curiosity 
How similar is Software to mind
It too is programmed with Errors
Flaws and faulty opinions
Similarly needs to be amended
Updated and revised
More difficult is the task
But not Impossible
Continuous efforts, Right attitudes
Revitalizing thought patterns
And dropping the Inner Conflicts
Rectification required for Reconstruction

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mathematical Error

Mathematical Error

You know
Two plus Two is four
You desire
It to be five
Your dreams
Push you to unreal
I have heard
Experience makes man wise
But I have found him say
Worldly experience makes him bitter
Unfulfilled dreams and desires
Offshoot in frustrations
Two plus two does not become five
How true !
Empty handed we are born
Empty handed we die
But our hands are full until we remain
Full of illusions, full of dreams
The whole effort the hands do
To find wealth and power, name and fame
The paradox is 
Empty becomes fulfilled
Fulfilled becomes empty
Two plus two does not make five
It remains always four.
We are gifted with plus
this reality is revealed.


Hello viewers

The Lord says to those who are constantly devoted and worship me with love, I give the understanding by which they come to me.

The man's activity is the manifestation of his will and attitude which largely depend upon his birth, nature and position in life.Everyone according to his quality and status, has particular type of work to discharge. Though man's soul is free but it becomes conditioned in human body, being entrapped in material existence. To fulfill the desires and aspirations it becomes little difficult to maintain one's body and soul together by some work. Whatever good or evil man does, has a reaction and that reaction binds the performer.Therefore one has to perform his activities not only for sense-gratification but also for the satisfaction of the soul. Everyone knows that the body is changing from childhood to boyhood, from boyhood to youth and from youth to old age until it dies. In a material consciousness man is convinced by a false ego that he is the doer of everything. He forgets that the mechanism of the body is produced by material nature which works under the supervision of the Supreme Lord.In his ignorance of false ego he takes all credit for doing everything independently. Bewildered by the false ego he forgets his eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord. Man has to act in a manner that his soul remains free from all material involvements. Love for material enjoyments gradually changes into lust, unsatisfied lust turns to wrath and wrath is changed into illusion and illusion continues the material existence.One must remember that he himself is responsible for what he is, none else. His present status has been the result of his past actions and his present desires and actions will produce his future. To reap the fruits of his activities he takes many births. The cycle of birth and death continues and man gets different environments to accomplish his unfulfilled tasks and desires. The environment, he is in this birth has been longed by himself only or created by his past actions. In ignorance man fails to understand what is action and what is inaction? It is to be always kept in mind that all work and tasks must be in some relation with the soul so that his activities gradually elevates himself  to spiritual growth, One who becomes enlightened by true mode of activities, he approaches the Supreme Lord in different capacities as the distress being in want of money, as the inquisitive- in search of knowledge. If one acts in awareness to satisfy the Lord by his activities, he revives his divine consciousness. By virtue of the divine consciousness he creates and seeks favorable condition for executing his tasks.

One who does not neglect his duty towards different responsibilities in life, and surrenders the fruits of his activities at the feet of the Supreme Lord, never falls down from his constitutional position. He finds his happiness is within in his pure thoughts, in his aloofness from passionate material attachments, in his pure incompetent self. This knowledge helps him to settle down in his real self position. In such a state he can directly get the instructions from the lord for his activities. In the whole experience of self realization the ultimate truth should be remembered that the perfection of knowledge is that AATMA or SOUL is particle of the PARAMATMA - The Super Soul. AATMA is an individual soul  and PARAMATMA is the properiter and controller of all individual souls.SOUL is the material bondage of the body but the SUPER SOUL is free from all material bondages. He is all pervading in transcendental form. His powers are infinite and he is always eager to connect to an individual soul with his spiritual infintie energy. Get fulfilled by connecting with Him.Get charged up by plugging onto him.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Mystery Of Kundalini Revealed.


There are two nerve currents in the spinal column, called Ida and Pingala. There is a hollow canal running through the spinal cord called sushmana . At the lower end of the hollow canal is the 'Kundalini' ie. 'Coiled up power'. It is triangular in form. Where the spinal cord ends in some of the lumbar vertebrae, a fine fiber issues downward and the canal runs up within that fiber much finer. The canal is closed at the lower end which is situated near sacral plexus in a triangular form. There are different plexuses that have their centers in the spinal canal.They are 
1. The Muladhara
2. The Svadhisthna
3. The Manipura
4. The Anahata
5. The Vishuddha
6. The Ajna
7. The Soma
8. The Surya
9. The Sahasrara

      Of all the centers. one has to particularly remember three. The Muladhara ( The Basic ), The Manipura ( The Naval), The Sahasrara (The Brain). The spinal cord at the brain, ends in a sort of bulb, in the medulla, which is not attached to the brain but floats in a fluid in the brain. If there be a blow on the head, the force of that blow will not hurt the bulb, that blow will be dissipated in the fluid.
     There are two sorts of actions in the nerve currents Ida and Pingala. One afferent, the other efferent, one sensory and the other motor, one centripetal, and the other centrifugal. One carries the sensations to the brain and the other, from brain to outer body. These vibrations are all connected with the brain. The center which regulates the respiratory system, the breathing system, has a controlling action over the system of nerve currents.

     Through the respiratory center, by breathing rhythmically, man rouses the coiled up power in the muladhara called Kundalini. When the kundalini awakes and rises step by step. It tries to force a passage through the canal. It enters the canal of Sushumna. Ida and Pingala are main channels through which afferent and efferent currents travel. When one is successful in passing the current through 'Sushumna' the canal in the middle of the spinal column, layer after layer of mind becomes open and man reaches the Truth. As the vast mass of energy stored up in a man, travels along the sushumna, it strikes all the centers mentioned above. As the 'Kundalini force travels from center to center, man perceives super natural divine wisdom. When it reaches the brain center, the whole brain tremendously reacts,the whole foundation of knowledge, opens up to the man. The Super Soul penetrates the subconscious and conscious mind and becomes visible in full luminous effulgence. It is my personal experience of feeling, tremendous sensations and vibrations like electric currents running through the brain to the rest of the body. Sometimes, it also results in nervous shakings. The brain or head heats upto the extent, that even application of ice is not sufficient to cool it. It is only by meditation concentration and pranayama, one can control it. In my personal case, it took me many months to control it by meditation and reciting 'Mahamrityuanjay Mantra' regularly on the beads of 'Rudarakash'. After a long practice in concentration, the heat in the brain turned into water or tears which over flowed through eyes endlessly for many hours. The blissful state, i felt after that experience is inexpressible in words or any other form. That ecstatic experience can not be defined in any way. It is to be only felt, by the persons in your presence. It is very essential to control the energy of Kundalini because if it moves outward, it will move in the material field and if it moved inward, it will move in the spiritual field. If it moves inward - the Unknown becomes known in the full blaze of illumination.

    Man attains the superconscious perception - realization of the spirit where the self becomes manifest. If a man is not fully aware of the science of Kundalini  and its powers and does not know its utilization in right direction, his mind gets even deranged and confused which results in the shaking of head, nervousness, fits and faints, violence, dictatorship, egoism, Insomnia, madness, extremism, loss of memory,nightmares,hallucinations n schizophrenia.if any of these symptoms. Occur,he needs spirItual guidance.
Sometimes man is born with roused kundalini.It is because he must have worked hard  in previous birth and in present birth he becomes spontaneously enlightened from inner purity.The proof is The luminous light reflecting his face and body.It is advisable to such an illumined person to be strong enough to withstand all reactions.Super normal condition is hard earned so he should endeavour  to stabilise  himself by meditation.The constant practice of concentration bring mystical experiences.Kundalini is a mysterious vital energy dormant in body.When awakened it moves inward to upward.The power gained through rising kundalini must be transmuted from the achievements of mental powers into the upliftment of conscious state to cosmic consciousness.only then  his motive becomes infinite  to enlighten all with compassion and kindness.The perfection of human life lies in remaining one with Almighty and His creation.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Infinite Energy

The human body is the greatest body in the Universe as he owns an intelligent mind with 'Intellect' as his genius.This gives him understanding to see things in right directions and attain to perfection. Perfection is every man's nature. All progress and powers are already in every human being. Only it is barred in and prevented by different organs and senses from taking its proper course. If anyone can take the bar off, the real nature and perfection rushes in. Man attains the powers which already belong to him. Wicked become saints as soon as the bar is broken. There is no doubt that Nature is driving every man towards perfection by reward or punishment. All the practices and struggles to become natural and spiritual, are to open the doors to one's own real self to attain perfection. Man must be master, not the slave of nature, body and mind. It is the human nature to take bad for the good and dream for the reality. Body is an unreal dream and the SOUL IS HIS REAL SELF. If one proposes to teach techniques to increase the power of sense enjoyments or to live a better material life, the human race easily and willingly respond to that. On the contrary if any spiritual authority undertakes to show the supreme goal, he finds few people to listen to him. In those, very few have the intellect or power or knack to grasp the higher knowledge of self realization. The body can be made to live for thousand years, the result in the end is same. When the living forces that hold the body, go away, the body must fall. No one can stop his body from changing as the age advances. Considering the realities of body and soul, to progress in life, man does not need to compete with anyone. Competition for life or social status are only unnecessary and extraneous efforts caused by ego and greed. When all competition cease the real nature behind a man, makes him go forward in right direction. Man's goal should not be to compete with human race, it should be the PERFECTION OF HUMAN RACE. This can only be attained by self realization because he will perceive within himself, a potential God, who wants to manifest Himself.

Man is always doubtful about the things he does not see. He does not live upon words, so there is always a doubt in his mind whether there is any truth in these things or not. Simply listening to explanations and theories do not help him. Practice is absolute necessary. Practice will make him more experienced. The knowledge attained from man's own self experience will help him to reach the actual perfection of consciousness. The first part of this practice is physical, second is mental, and third the realization itself. The Supreme God can not be known by following particular set of rules and regulations of worship according to people's own nature. The purity of body and mind brings him closer to the confidential knowledge of God. Experience is the greatest teacher in man's life.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Art Of Self Transformation

Art Of Self Transformation

Hello USA , 
Thanks for your love and sharing with me through my blog. :)

We are passing through the time of Spiritual evolution. The Supreme power is gazing at us for spiritual transformation. Human survival is threatened on Earth due to division, violence and natural calamities.
The basic source of human suffering and violence on Earth is ignorance and egocentric nature always in competition to prove superior. When someone is self obsessed it relates to his identification with his own body, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and concepts, In average natural state of consciousness, one is conscious of values and norms of family, society and country. The fanatical dogma of religion gets often defended in the name of God. Everyone recognizes God as one but Religions divide His creations on the name of race, culture , gender and age. Moreover Religion relates to external authority, rituals, devotional practice of divine codes.

I believe that one's own temperament, experience, circumstances play a definite role in his self development.  When one wants to seek release from inner pain and confusion, he determines to start his spiritual journey. Spirituality is about inner reality , inner state of being. It is a self learning and realizing Divine presence within. It is not Art of Living - it is Art of Self Transformation. Human being is so fortunate to have been endowed with capability to self perfect himself and discover the riches of Godliness within.

I mention it strongly that Spiritual journey is not for weak, fickle minded. impatient - the one who demands quick results. The qualities of firmness, faith and devotion are solely required to follow the Spiritual path. The correct guidance keeps one away from errors and wasteful efforts. May all obstacles be removed from your spiritual path!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


                                     KUNDALINI POWER

Universe is made up of two basic things- Matter and Life Energy. Matter acts as a vehicle of life energy. What differentiates other live creatures from human form is that humans are bestowed with higher consciousness. This can be percieved by Kundalini Power which lies dormant in individual bodies in form of Kinetic Energy. By virtue of Pure Emotions, Right Knowledge and Spiritual Discipline, The Kinetic Energy activates to higher consciousness. One requires a Spiritual Attitude to awaken The Kundalini Power. By Yogic Techniques, Correct Posture, Devotion, Meditation and Mantra Chanting etc., one is capable of activating his latent energy to get linked up with his own nervous system. The foremost victory one has to attain in the process of awakening his own power- is the mastery over fluctuations of the mind and withdrawal from indulgence in the material world. The force generated by the fusion of Kundalini Power and different Psychic Centres creates great illumination and destroys the ignorance of mind. The whole concept of looking at things changes and the truth becomes visible in that state of Enlightenment.
The Kundalini Power personifies in form of Goddess Durga when awakened Kundalini moves with great force and cross all the Psychic Centres in one leap. The Energy comes like a fiery storm and acsends to a highest centre in the Head where Mind and Kundalini Power unite bestowing The Divine Wisdom on Yogi. One who reaches to that point becomes Immortal in this physical body. One obtains victory over worldly desires and enjoys Eternal Bliss and Divinity in that superconscious state. This is exactly we inherit from the Supreme God by being our own real self called Sat-chit-ananda (Truth- Knowledge- Bliss). 
                                             Jai Mata Di.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Hello dear viewers (specially Ukraine) !

I find myself quite positive in connecting with you through my blog. Earth is undivided. It is divided only on the political maps.

Energy does not stop, It moves from one corner to another corner. Your running away from circumstances does not in fact change anything. You can only pretend to renounce or become a saint.Your inner self , your desires, your passions, your responsibilities , your problems do not change. You remain the same miserable person inside under the mask of painted smile and calmness.

When you make desperate efforts to give up passions , your energy starts moving towards frustration. When you think of giving up desires your greed seeks other alternatives. Unless your innermost changes, you remain the same person.Once you simply become aware of the fact that you require certain basic things in this world to survive, you can not afford to avoid them. So the wise never thinks of giving up. He thinks of  restrain and harmony - These two words are simplest way of practicing self discipline. Too much or too little, or Not at all are not the solutions to any frustrations or depressions. Firstly, You have to start all together again to train yourself to bring harmony in your body system by connecting your mind with your higher self which is called Soul. Secondly , you have to deeply understand your ego and its projections because that is the main cause of perturbed mind. You have to restrain your unlimited desires and fulfill certain desires within your means, without being ambiguous to anyone else.Thirdly, above all, by respecting God's arrangement in creating your relationships. Your blood relationships are granted to you by God according to your past wishes. God wants you to execute your duties towards them. Whether you love them or not, like them or not you have to abide by  natural laws because you are left with no choice.You can make love relationships but you are not given a free desire to choose or change your blood relationships. So do not renounce your duties towards them even if they do not emotionally  reciprocate. By doing so, you will be liberating your self from great bondage and thus absolve.
I wish you all enlightened future. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start afresh!

Hello everybody! viewing me on the net.

I wish you all very positive and auspicious 2012. May God help you fulfill your purpose, prosperity and peace in life. Rise inside and get visible to the stars up above waiting to celebrate your birth on this earth, Discover yourself, BE YOU  - 24 carat authentic !