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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Ordinary life is egotistically structured where everyone is competitively pursuing his own interests. The individual desirous purpose is much dominated by one's family, class, culture, country and faith.
 Altogether this results in making of your conditional self. You carry the baggage of ideas given by others and are quite ill equipped to see the truth around. The useful moments you have spent in past become your challenging moments. Your emotions, beliefs, ideals, many times push you into agitation, disturbance and dissatisfaction. The cobra of your own ego awakens to react with anger, fear or even hit back, avenge to overpower.
In these moments you feel that you ego is hurt but this is not true, in fact you have given yourself an injury and the wound is deep. Have you ever thought why have you identified with certain emotions of possessiveness of material things. Your ego consciousness to excel, to dominate appear in so many subtle ways that you yourself find it hard to recognize. The dark and illusioned passage of past life with all the twists and turns have only contributed in adding pain, suffering and boredom in emotional entanglements.
   The realization of your own fault opens the past layers of you being wounded and injured internally. You will find your ego worthless and rejected. The ugliness of life can be washed with spiritual and divine beauty inherent in your own self. What exactly you have to do is to empty yourself of your own ego and become detached with its attitude. Uplift yourself to the higher consciousness to feel the sense of freedom and relief. None other than you can heal your wounds. Heal them tenderly and softly. Time is standing by your side for support. Take Care. 

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