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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Under One Umbrella

Maya and Brahama, Purusha and Prakriti, both are equal partners in producing of human being so is material and spiritual both complete and compliment each other. There is no special land built by God for spiritually elevated people.They live on this land mentally rising above all material things. As they want to serve Brahama, they connect themselves to common man, to elevate their sorrows out of mercy and compassion. Why ? Deep at the core of their heart, they feel that all human beings should live a quality life. This duty is not given to them by anyone, but by the nature of their own self, the divine force sway them in that direction, The ultimate wish for any spiritual person would be Vasudev Kutumbakam - The whole world is one family. This super consciousness separate them from the just materially conscious people who are only working for self interest.

In one home, at the end of the day, all family members sit together, discuss certain problems to find out solutions. In the same manner in one country, people from all the fields of life walk and come together to discuss country's healthy growth. One cause can unite everyone, the whole world witnessed in Anna's movement.

The time has come when we should read the indication and perceive that if some issue can become so gigantic - definitely reflects Gods wish. The Supreme force - God wants transformation, being the supreme head,  he is guiding us towards our true purpose of taking birth and reach completion. He broadcasts through saints, divines and spirituals to benefit us. Don't mistake to consider them as devdoots sent by God to demolish your empire or create disturbance. I have no hesitations to say, the people at different platform require to maintain positive faith, good conduct and discipline. Everyone is somehow or the other dedicated to different cause in his/her own way, acknowledge it with little regard but please don't disregard. " One world - One family. Why not India - One family ? "- It is our slogan given to us by the Supreme head.

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