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Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Prayaschitta includes austerities like fasting, chanting of Mantras, giving away gifts or going to pilgrimage. It is a ritual which is performed to eliminate the effects of bad deeds. Praya means austerity and chitta refers to firm resolution. Human beings are bound to make mistakes.  one has to repent, resolve so that it is not repeated. 

If one commits a sin one has to commit expiation to get over the guilt. Prayaschitta depends on the type of sin committed. There are two types of sins: Mahapatakas and Upapatakas. Mahapatakas include killing a person of knowledge, drinking intoxicating liquids and smoking. Upapatakas include neglect of sacred fire, offending one`s teacher, theft, nonpayment of debts, selling banned articles, cutting down trees or killing animals who are not dangerous. 

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