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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Swami Vivekananda had a very unique way of looking at Raas Leela. Some people consider it as unethical and immoral. However, Vivekananda said that Raas Leela was a medium that Lord Krishna used to prove that there is a strong connection between the universe and all the souls that live in it. The lord wanted each and every one to feel the universal power and connect to the ultimate truth. His medium was the sweet sound of the flute that he used to play always. Unless we learn to reach a state of trance and completely surrender ourselves to the supreme power we will not be able to understand the essence of the Raas Leela.

Complete Surrender

The most difficult part in any devotion is to surrender yourself completely to the lord and lose your identity. The devotion of the gopis to the Lord Krishna was unquestionable. They would be completely mesmerised by the sweet sound of the flute and would forget what they had to do. Similarly in Raas Leela we can see the deep love of Lord Krishna and Radha. Radha loved Krishna and there was no logic in her love. She just blindly loved him and considered him as her own. She would not care about the society or her family and would always come running to Lord Krishna when he would play the flute. There is a deep spiritual significance in this action of Radha. The lord wanted to prove that love for the lord is of prime importance. Unless you can give off your bonds and ties and run to the lord whenever he calls you your path to salvation cannot be reached. One must be free of all fear of loss and of the society and should always think of God.

May we be one with The Infinite KRISHNA and our soul dance with Him to enjoy the Eternal Bliss.

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