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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Infinite Energy

The human body is the greatest body in the Universe as he owns an intelligent mind with 'Intellect' as his genius.This gives him understanding to see things in right directions and attain to perfection. Perfection is every man's nature. All progress and powers are already in every human being. Only it is barred in and prevented by different organs and senses from taking its proper course. If anyone can take the bar off, the real nature and perfection rushes in. Man attains the powers which already belong to him. Wicked become saints as soon as the bar is broken. There is no doubt that Nature is driving every man towards perfection by reward or punishment. All the practices and struggles to become natural and spiritual, are to open the doors to one's own real self to attain perfection. Man must be master, not the slave of nature, body and mind. It is the human nature to take bad for the good and dream for the reality. Body is an unreal dream and the SOUL IS HIS REAL SELF. If one proposes to teach techniques to increase the power of sense enjoyments or to live a better material life, the human race easily and willingly respond to that. On the contrary if any spiritual authority undertakes to show the supreme goal, he finds few people to listen to him. In those, very few have the intellect or power or knack to grasp the higher knowledge of self realization. The body can be made to live for thousand years, the result in the end is same. When the living forces that hold the body, go away, the body must fall. No one can stop his body from changing as the age advances. Considering the realities of body and soul, to progress in life, man does not need to compete with anyone. Competition for life or social status are only unnecessary and extraneous efforts caused by ego and greed. When all competition cease the real nature behind a man, makes him go forward in right direction. Man's goal should not be to compete with human race, it should be the PERFECTION OF HUMAN RACE. This can only be attained by self realization because he will perceive within himself, a potential God, who wants to manifest Himself.

Man is always doubtful about the things he does not see. He does not live upon words, so there is always a doubt in his mind whether there is any truth in these things or not. Simply listening to explanations and theories do not help him. Practice is absolute necessary. Practice will make him more experienced. The knowledge attained from man's own self experience will help him to reach the actual perfection of consciousness. The first part of this practice is physical, second is mental, and third the realization itself. The Supreme God can not be known by following particular set of rules and regulations of worship according to people's own nature. The purity of body and mind brings him closer to the confidential knowledge of God. Experience is the greatest teacher in man's life.

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