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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mystery Of Kundalini Revealed.


There are two nerve currents in the spinal column, called Ida and Pingala. There is a hollow canal running through the spinal cord called sushmana . At the lower end of the hollow canal is the 'Kundalini' ie. 'Coiled up power'. It is triangular in form. Where the spinal cord ends in some of the lumbar vertebrae, a fine fiber issues downward and the canal runs up within that fiber much finer. The canal is closed at the lower end which is situated near sacral plexus in a triangular form. There are different plexuses that have their centers in the spinal canal.They are 
1. The Muladhara
2. The Svadhisthna
3. The Manipura
4. The Anahata
5. The Vishuddha
6. The Ajna
7. The Soma
8. The Surya
9. The Sahasrara

      Of all the centers. one has to particularly remember three. The Muladhara ( The Basic ), The Manipura ( The Naval), The Sahasrara (The Brain). The spinal cord at the brain, ends in a sort of bulb, in the medulla, which is not attached to the brain but floats in a fluid in the brain. If there be a blow on the head, the force of that blow will not hurt the bulb, that blow will be dissipated in the fluid.
     There are two sorts of actions in the nerve currents Ida and Pingala. One afferent, the other efferent, one sensory and the other motor, one centripetal, and the other centrifugal. One carries the sensations to the brain and the other, from brain to outer body. These vibrations are all connected with the brain. The center which regulates the respiratory system, the breathing system, has a controlling action over the system of nerve currents.

     Through the respiratory center, by breathing rhythmically, man rouses the coiled up power in the muladhara called Kundalini. When the kundalini awakes and rises step by step. It tries to force a passage through the canal. It enters the canal of Sushumna. Ida and Pingala are main channels through which afferent and efferent currents travel. When one is successful in passing the current through 'Sushumna' the canal in the middle of the spinal column, layer after layer of mind becomes open and man reaches the Truth. As the vast mass of energy stored up in a man, travels along the sushumna, it strikes all the centers mentioned above. As the 'Kundalini force travels from center to center, man perceives super natural divine wisdom. When it reaches the brain center, the whole brain tremendously reacts,the whole foundation of knowledge, opens up to the man. The Super Soul penetrates the subconscious and conscious mind and becomes visible in full luminous effulgence. It is my personal experience of feeling, tremendous sensations and vibrations like electric currents running through the brain to the rest of the body. Sometimes, it also results in nervous shakings. The brain or head heats upto the extent, that even application of ice is not sufficient to cool it. It is only by meditation concentration and pranayama, one can control it. In my personal case, it took me many months to control it by meditation and reciting 'Mahamrityuanjay Mantra' regularly on the beads of 'Rudarakash'. After a long practice in concentration, the heat in the brain turned into water or tears which over flowed through eyes endlessly for many hours. The blissful state, i felt after that experience is inexpressible in words or any other form. That ecstatic experience can not be defined in any way. It is to be only felt, by the persons in your presence. It is very essential to control the energy of Kundalini because if it moves outward, it will move in the material field and if it moved inward, it will move in the spiritual field. If it moves inward - the Unknown becomes known in the full blaze of illumination.

    Man attains the superconscious perception - realization of the spirit where the self becomes manifest. If a man is not fully aware of the science of Kundalini  and its powers and does not know its utilization in right direction, his mind gets even deranged and confused which results in the shaking of head, nervousness, fits and faints, violence, dictatorship, egoism, Insomnia, madness, extremism, loss of memory,nightmares,hallucinations n schizophrenia.if any of these symptoms. Occur,he needs spirItual guidance.
Sometimes man is born with roused kundalini.It is because he must have worked hard  in previous birth and in present birth he becomes spontaneously enlightened from inner purity.The proof is The luminous light reflecting his face and body.It is advisable to such an illumined person to be strong enough to withstand all reactions.Super normal condition is hard earned so he should endeavour  to stabilise  himself by meditation.The constant practice of concentration bring mystical experiences.Kundalini is a mysterious vital energy dormant in body.When awakened it moves inward to upward.The power gained through rising kundalini must be transmuted from the achievements of mental powers into the upliftment of conscious state to cosmic consciousness.only then  his motive becomes infinite  to enlighten all with compassion and kindness.The perfection of human life lies in remaining one with Almighty and His creation.

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